My Top 10 Writing Tips


We have all consumed many, many articles, books and videos on writing. More often than not they are a list of ten things to do to improve your writing. Well, this little article is no different, except I am going to try and give you ten tips you possibly haven’t read before, all of which come from my many years of writing experience.

So, here they are.

  1. Prose has rhythm, don’t drown it out with music.
  2. Don’t be boring.
  3. Have an internal narration voice.
  4. Say just enough to tell the story, set the scene and create drama.
  5. No excuses. If your work sucks, then fix it.
  6. Watch out for the dreaded saggy second act.
  7. Have your own special cosy place to write.
  8. Do everything in your power to make the reader care about your work.
  9. Unplug yourself from the internet.
  10. Whatever you do, finish that darn novel.

I hope this is of help to any other writers out there. These are the lessons I’ve learnt over the years. Honesty is your best allie, all of those tips above require you to be completely honest with yourself. If you find yourself saying ‘Yeah, but …’ then something is wrong with your writing, and not the reader. You need to go back and fix it. It’s a tough lesson to learn, but it’s also one of the most productive.

Until next time.

Augustus Babbington

Barnabus Cragg

Greetings! For your enjoyment today, here’s a photostatic etching of a model based on one of the characters in our upcoming saga: The Society of Incredible Stories’.
I have a particular soft spot for Mr Barnabas Cragg. Where his, shall we say, cognitive abilities are a little lacking, he has a heart of a puppy and the iron will of a stubborn child. Despite everything he is fiercely loyal to his friends and the Society,  never complains, and is always ready to pitch in when needed. Everyone could, and should, have a friend like Cragg.
Much clay, sweat and paint went into making this model, but I believe it was worth every second of that time just to see this wonderful chap come to life.