The journey begins.

Welcome visitor!  Thank you so much for popping by, we have just put the kettle on so do come in for a spot of tea.  Please, do take a seat by the fire, it’s frightfully cold outside, so I’m sure you’d like to warm your fingers and toes.

We’re glad you’re here actually, as there’s a story that my brother and I have been itching to tell someone for some time.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  I must warn you though that it’s really rather long, and will take us some time to tell.  We’re quite sure though that you will see it through to the end.  For it is a tale full of adventure, richly eccentric characters and drama. Not to mention monsters and a giant storm that has surrounded the city of Londonian.

Well, it seems we have your attention! So, let us just say that every story has a beginning, dear visitor, and ‘The Society of Incredible Stories’ is no different.  Let us begin there shall we?  It seems like the most sensible place to start after all.

Warmest wishes,

The Babbington Brothers